Dark Nights.

There is unbroken quietness in the night, a stillness even my restless thoughts cannot break.

The darkness pervades all, like a heavy cloth that is worn to embrace the whole body and keep it warm.

The stars… A million dancing lights. Choose one and it is yours, one is enough… Please leave the rest. For that lucky star may unfold your whole destiny.

I perceive the scent of wild growing flowers, that spread with the soft night breeze. A fragrance so sweet reeling my senses, no match found anywhere. Tender moving leaves play under the moonlight giving deep ecstasy.

The chirping birds are all asleep only the rustling leaves begin to strike a cord. And as the titillating winds begin to blow through the night, it seem as if these trees are whispering to themselves.

I close my eyes listening to understand what they say, but the light of the full moon plays softly on my eyes, bringing to me tidings from heavenly spheres.

And finally after the long stirring at the night sky, the dark clouds extends their wings and cover the magnificent view. Its time to go, to get relieved from the days toil, and wake to another beautiful day.

Copyright 2019 © Love of Wisdom Blog

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