The beginning of all advancement begins with patience. When this journey begins the traveller will reach no destination without patience.

If he works so hard and Long seeing no profit, he must not be downhearted. It is a condition upon which he must purify his heart and uplift his mind. He should turn away from the common human faults, leave behind the mistakes of forefathers and ancestors and close the door for self discovery.

All secretly desire a start but few follow the impulse to wherever it leads. Every moment should become a striving for something noble, every hour the desire to improve must assert itself, else he remains in the state of mind of the common folk.

The common folk are thoughtless, completely reject reason, prefer entertainment to learning, argue rather than study, are impatient, wholeheartedly engaged in troublemaking, idle chatter, vain pursuits, mockery of their fellows and make unreasonable demands of their neighbour.

But for the seeker of advancement every step he takes assistance surrounds him and his zeal is building. And when he has reached his destination, his life will become a masterpiece. Just as the snake sheds it’s old skin, so will he discard all that was ever holding him back.

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