Fate and Destiny

Fate and Destiny are two topics that resonate deeply in many peoples life. knowledge given on these topics are in different forms, comprehensive, incomplete, distortedness that plunge people into the attitude of carelessness.

Fate has to do with the material world or the earth as concerns each one of us. It is the written script of what will happen at a certain time, at a certain age, the fortunes and misfortunes that will occur. The family that one is born into is a fated thing, the father, mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles that surrounds one is a fated thing. The temperament of the mind and body is fated, that is why to be arrogant over talent, good looks, learning or beauty is to be conceited. The geographical location in which one is born is a fated thing, the circumstances and experiences which are ever changing is a fated thing. Fate is more like a movie, that is why a soothsayer or fortuneteller can tell with accuracy what await one in future or can delve into the past of individuals.

Destiny is what is set out for the soul to accomplish before the introduction to earth life. It has nothing to do with money, fame, becoming a president, it has its root in the spiritual.

Destiny has a lot to do with response and awareness of experiences from birth to death. How conscious is the individual during a lifetime, how aware is an individual of their choices and acts. At a certain age in human development the path of destiny open up for everyone, the path of awakening and growth looms, but whether the individual follows up is a personal choice.

To follow ones destiny is not for the timid materialist, courage and alertness is needed. Billions of people are fated opportunities to attend school and graduate, get a job and begin a family, save money, start a business, succeed or fail, make gain or loss, I repeat; billions of people do this. There is nothing spectacular about seeing a well fed family. Fishes, birds, cats, elephants keep well fed families.

To attain destiny is to dissolve into the whole, it’s a possibility for pauper or king, civilized or uncivilized, educated or illiterate, to become very aware, to cultivate the attitude of listening, listening to the inside is most vital for everyone.

When one becomes very aware things just begin to fall in place, there is no struggle, no fear, no sleepless nights, strain of mind and body to manifest anything.

Following the path of destiny uplift the individual out of survival mode to become an inspiration to his fellow man and not another competitor. To be connected with destiny is also synonymous with being on the road to liberation.

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