Full Moon

Light of the moon shine, an ethereal mist cast over the horizon, bespeak that incompleteness should be completed.

Roseate glow that hearts seek, inner call into the sphere of light. High up in the heavens majesty stand alone, as a beacon to the hungry, weary soul, come into the world of harmony.

Circle of cultivation, from crescent to full, a tale ever told, that a process is to be completed. Icon of transformation, change and exertion, appearance and disappearance, enlighten the darkness that eyes can see.

Mirrored in deep waters, mirrored in every soul, spreading hope to the firmament, the field, brook, forest, sea, giving renewal of all that is depleted.

Each appearance is a tiding, that we are not forsaken, solar system are perfectly governed, adamantine laws, never changing principles are the foundation of the universe.

Full moon reveal light is present in every heart, should be cultivated monthly and perfected with years. With each resurfacing growth is demanded, expansion needed that someday imbalance be balanced.

Copyright 2019 © Love of wisdom Blog

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