All expression originate from silence, idea of human and universe are incubated in silence, the content of cosmos and galaxies revolve around an empty void.

The gravity of silence is emphasised in nature. Upon it all that we see, smell, touch, taste and feel. Darkness and light, space and time, contraction and expansion give validity to stillness.

Expanding silence strengthen into stillness. All excellent expressions of mind and nature has root in stillness. Devoid of silence creative works are banal, tasteless and grotesque. Works born of silence resound genius.

Of all tasks given to man, the most dormant is the cultivation of silence. Empty chatter, endlessly worry, anxiety, overindulgence, much effort put in gratification remove the space for silence.

Social media, endless supply of entertainment, toxic relationship make silence undiscovered. Tell a person to keep shut, drop their phones, you may end up his worst enemy.

Only when silence is attained that real capabilities emerge, the authentic find way, what has always been crying to come from within get expressed. Passion strike a cord in hearts, the balance between passion and expression is distance, only silence break the barrier.

A rich life is a life of balance, a life in which silence reside fully. Restlessness bring disharmony, restless intents are tamed by silence alone, even the fool knows that silence brings a quick end of his stupidity.

Of all the treasure found, of all the seeker seeks, the splendor of the natural world, the beauty and grace of existence, silence towers above all.


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