Contemplative Life

To remain focused, to constantly be aware of what is most important in individual life is an eminent quality. The mind is barrage by many tasks, thought, feeling that make reason dormant, the moment to moment reminder of purpose, goal, growth is a contemplative life.

Knowing what is most important in life is a good start, conscious knowing of what life stand for defeat ignorance and misplaced priorities. Attachment fall alway, energy is greatly saved for the constructive.

So many people live life without contemplation which create serious problem without and without. Without contemplation there is no definite purpose to life, one depend on the whims of luck, falls into self pity and false entitlement. The natural expression to give and receive will be unbalanced, only the desire to receive will be active. The instinct to consume and contribute will be one sided to consumption alone. To sit back, take a full view of individual life works wonders. One easily move into balance and harmony in all areas of life.

We all live in the same world, we are harrased and influenced by the same impulses yet we can choose to live differently. We can create more opportunity for meditation and thoughtfulness. The priorities of others must not be ours, we can build different values, different views, different convictions, see difficulty and problem in a new light. We can create our own reality out of personal realizations through self discovery.

Without meditation there is no contemplation, meditation is the door to the contemplative life, the practice of silencing the mind is how wisdom enter into our lives. To contemplate prepares us for all human Circumstances, building in us the awareness to profit from all our experiences.

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