Truth, Honor, Service

Truth is not just figurative and literal there are other dimensions to the word when we see it in accordance with the revelation found in nature. When each specie is living in accordance to its own soul prompting, in accordance to its own nature, as the trees, the raven, the lion and flowers do; then they are following their own truth. The flowers don’t have to shed blood to survive, the lion entangled in bloodshed, in cruelty and dominance has it’s own path.

The world around us tries to muddy the waters of our truth, making us believe this is right for us and that is wrong, we need more of constraint and limit than we could possibly handle freedom, we should depend on leaders to make decisions not taking individual initiative to improve life and circumstance, making us think we are above others or making us feel inferior, unworthy and unloved. It tries to tell us that we are lacking. When we take a step back away from the world, we can examine it from a different perspective, seeing what really constitute truth for ourselves.

This truth is our soul song. It shines from us when we live in accordance with nature. If flows like the river when we care for others and the planet. It springs forth when we acknowledge the times and tides of life and death. When we step away from what really matters, from living our own truth, we can feel distanced from the world and from each other, and perhaps even our own selves. We must return to the basics of what our place is within nature, and how we can live in harmony and balance with it. When we do, we are then living our truth.

Honour is another word that lies in the hazy mists of time. It has connotations of chivalry, fealty and nobility. Yet honour is simply the courage to live our soul truth in the world. It is standing strong by our principles of balance and harmony. Returning again to what really matters, to our place in the world, is at the heart of honour. It is not a one-time thing that we can achieve and then sit back, resting on our laurels. Honour requires hard work, all the time, to see that we are indeed living our soul truths to the best of our ability.

When we come to understand truth and honour, the natural outcome is service. We live our lives in service to our kind and world. We are not subservient to anyone but believe ourselves. Living in accordance to our own nature, our own truths and finding sustainability through honour. The cycle is ever flowing, we work in service to the truth and our world in equal measure. That is where we find the most balance and harmony. That is what makes it so special, as well as hard work in constant exertion.

Three words; three concepts that are inextricably linked to each other, like interconnectedness found in a spider web.

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