Awen, Opening Of The Soul

As we awaken to our own energy and stretch out towards the energy of nature around us, we begin to see just what Awen is. It is an opening of one’s self, of one’s spirit or soul, in order to truly and very deeply see. When we are open, we can receive that divine gift, inspiration that flows, whether it is from nature or whatever it is that you choose to focus on.
For Awen to exist, there must be relationship. We cannot be inspired unless we are open, and we cannot be open unless we have established a relationship, whether that is with the thunder, the blackbird or a tree. It is cyclical in nature; we open and give of ourselves and in doing so we receive, and vice versa. Letting go, releasing into that flow of Awen allows it to flow ever more freely, and we find ourselves inspired not only in fits and bursts of enlightenment or inspiration, but all the time, carrying that essence of connection and wonder with us at all times.

But just what is Awen? It is an awareness, not just on a physical and mental level but on a soul deep level – an awareness of the entirety of existence, of life itself. It is seeing the threads that connect us all. It is the deep well of inspiration that we drink from, to nurture our souls and our world and to give back in joy, in reverence, in wild abandon and in solemn ceremony.
Yet I am sure that the Awen is different for each and every individual. The connection and the resulting expression of that connection, is the individuals own creativity and genius, it can be so vast and diverse in expression. That is what is so delicious about it – we inhale the Awen and exhale our own creativity in song, in dance, in writing, in politics – the possibilities are endless, as is the awen itself.

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