Saraswati, Giver of Wisdom

Wisdom comes forth from her radiance, fair as she is that bright and beautiful lady who lit up my understanding. See her high up with the twilight, the dark and ponderous clouds, the lonely swan that circle the river reveal her excellency.

Learning comes out of her splendour; she burns through my ignorance.
That pale and beautiful lady brought the light, my follies return no more.

Under the power of the full moon she calls to everyone, open your mind and let me in; I am more precious than gold, sweeter than honey. I uplift in strange ways, bringing Success, wealth and Discernment.
The moon comes forth in her glory;
kind to the world she is, a beautiful lady in whom no discrimination is found. She lit mind from within, uplifting the intellect beyond the dirt of conceit.

Success wane and wealth sometime diminishes, yet her council is the way, her command to discipline the light to overcome every challenge.
Oh, when problems and difficulties set in, the music of her instruction rend my chains. That kind and beautiful lady, that rise and set with the sun, that is twlight and dawn all at once delivers me.

By the shores of that river I found her,
Where the water-lily grow and swans lay. Where the tall valerians rise
Slender as the crescent moon,
Goes Saraswati…Ah, Saraswati,
Sleep brought me no relief:
Until she came into my life.

By the shores of that river,
Where the drowsy lotus lies,
Where the tall valerians rise
Brighter than the orbed moon,
Shines Saraswati…Ah, Saraswati,
I rejoice all day and night, I have found Wisdom.

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