Contraction And Expansion

We live in a universe of sexed pairs, exchange govern all things, without exchange there is no rhythmic balance. An interchange occurs, Heat with cold, day with night, centrifrugal with centripetal, inflow with outflow, contraction with expansion; a step further good with evil, happiness with unhappiness, honor with disdain, efficiency with mistake, war with peace, life with death.

The intent of this blog post are sexed pairs of opposite contraction and expansion. I relate with contraction as focus, constriction and decrease and I relate with expansion as awareness, infinity and continuous, both must function together for creative balance to be attained.

The idea Man is an infinite concept that contracts in time and space into a living specie, he has within himself all of infinity but still contracts to be visible in the world. He needs a shape and a form which are temporal, in that form he becomes constricted to the laws of correspondence.

Living in this world is not a limitation, we are limited when we are oblivious that we are to contract and expand simultaneously. When we over constrict and never expand all the difficulties and unnecessary suffering arises, we then despair.

Contraction or focus of mind is very vital to daily life, cooking a meal, washing clothes, tending vegetables, crossing traffic, giving a speech, studying for exams, writing a poem, you even focus while watching television. Anything or anyone without focus, purposeful contraction reeks sloppiness, repels and is soon avoided.

Taking this a little further into the dimension of the mind, sphere of thought. Whenever there is an over constriction on thought, a potential for danger lurks in continuous decrease, the chief dilemma in the world is that majority of people cannot stop decreasing at will. They know how to focus, how to think, how to observe and innovate but they cannot expand; quiet the mind and thoughts, calm the emotions for greater intelligence and awareness to govern actions. This lead to fleeting relationships, works of art, business and industry, governments that cannot resound with the timeless.

To lead a balanced life a healthy exchange between contraction and expansion should be evident. What is expansion of mind? How can anyone stop decrease when they choose to?

Expansion of mind is a state in which thoughts are witnessed, emotions are felt but not continuously followed. We learn to sit quietly and watch the mind from time to time, we are neither for or against any thought we just witness the whole content of our minds without interfering. This practice is called Meditation.

Expansion of mind comes from being aware. As I am writing this blog post, I can simultaneously hear the chirping of birds, the humming of the refrigerator, a whistle blown far away, the inflow and outflow from my breath. Without expansion I will be totally engrossed in what I am writing, shutting off everything and tension may arise on what to put down next.

Meditation is the door to expansion, sitting quietly doing nothing, letting go and just allowing life to unfold and be, is the start. Follow your own breath, the inflow and outflow, become fully present in every moment. That is the way to expansion both inward and outward.

Expansion is gained little by little, exiting the mind from time to time. Sit out in nature, look at a lizard, look at a flower, look up to the sky, watch a bird fly past, hear the sound of the rain, listen for the cricket creaking at night, be aware whenever the moon is crescent and full; all these are ways in which Nature help us to expand.

Rest from thinking, take a break from over decrease, make the mind, body relaxed and enjoy your human experience.

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