Gaia, The Journey Of Soul

Infinite Intelligence, what am I that I should supplicate you? I know my own weakness, I don’t understand the way of my thoughts? Placed before me is the most wonderful creations: They impress me, and my senses rise up in remembrance of something more. I have invented one thought by looking upon natural works. How can I otherwise than remember my own soul, and out of this creations, find rich food for meditation all the days of my life.

I have appropriated the earth unto myself yet I am not happy or perfect within it. Misery and crime and selfishness are upon the people. What are my weakness that I cannot overcome them? Or what is my strength that I succumb to the base desires of the earth? I build up my belief and courage but I know the way of my weakness, I stumble and fall. Am I made that I shall be forever a reproof to myself, a censure to my own behavior?

How can I say to this man or that: Be disciplined and ethical, are not my own ways proof that people cannot be without misdeeds? This corruptible self, this tendency to fall from the right way! Nature alone has proven before my senses every day that truth and purity reside in the timeless.

If I had a starting point from where to estimate natures adamantine laws, I could find a road in which I will never stumble! I will not deny because everything is perfect in Nature, I am the only creature that is full of vanity, and live off my own understanding. The way to wisdom is all around, personal conceit prevent me from soul development.

Coming out of darkness and clothed in light, I now see the smallness of myself in this great work. I am but a traveller on the earth, to sojourn with beasts and all manner of creeping things; I cannot boast over them, we all journey the same road. The high firmament is above me, the stars, moon and sun, I see infinity extending high above but I reside in a little corner. The power to soar up to distant places is within when I inhale the beauty of Nature and the power of growth.

I cannot build my house in perfection like a bird’s; my ingenuity cannot fashion a spider’s net; I cannot sail up in the air like a bird, nor live in the water like the fish, or dwell in harmony like the bee. Half of my kind die untimely; the multitude of my household are quarrelers, fighters, drunkards and beggars. The Nation is at war, brother slay brother even while the earth make room for all. Their imbalances plunge people into starvation, difficulties and death. What learning and education can they boast off when blood, corruption and destruction reek all about!

Can we make clean of our iniquities and drop arms against our brothers. Cry of anguish come from the mouths of widows and orphans, the grave open wide her mouth in triumph of the dead. Captains and Generals exchange bullets with outcasts, the high and mighty lay dust to dust with the accurst.

The people are forever destroying one another. They quarrel and kill for their respective dogmas; setting aside natural commandments to shun murder. People love their own tribe and nation, detest and exploit all others. Uplifting only their kind, leaving the others in destitution and poverty. Preacher’s preach and multitudes pray in sufficient truth; but few practice teachings of peace, love and virtue. They have not yet cleaned from the heart greed, pride, wrath, sloth, envy and lust.

For one man that is rich there are a thousand poor, and their interests are an interminable conflict with one another. Labor cries out in pain; but capitalism smite him with a heartless blow. Nation war against nation; president against president; merchant against merchant; consumer against producer; in all things there are conflict. Because ideas are distorted, the world suffers as a whole, because society is not built on eternal principles there in inequality in almost everything. Because the soul is not developing, the earth has almost become a permanent ground for disharmony.

In vain have we all searched for a plan of redemption; a plan that would make our world a paradise, and the life of Man peaceful and harmonious. All efforts both past and present are a thing of mockery. Now is the hour to let go, to allow greater intelligence govern our world, We obviously cannot do it on our own.

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