Nemesis, Justice and Wage

Nothing is hidden from her all seeing eye, secret intents of heart are feasible, like the moons reflection in clear waters.

She is the refuge of the good, she is the rewarder of the honest, she is the joy of the simple of heart and for the wicked she is the worst torment.

The haughty and arrogant are brought down, the insufferable publicly disgraced, kings and queens are not excluded from her reward and punishment.

Commit your worst acts, bury them underneath the ground, think of them as buried and forgotten. Nemesis, O Nemesis will bring them all out. She will set them on the soul as burden and watch as all wrong are made right.

Undeserved prosperity, undeserved popularity, untrue reputation, enjoy it all while they last. Sooner the curtain will drop down and every lie, every deceit, every carefully planned act will become the most painful scourge.

Run far away, circle yourself with the best protection, shut the doors with bolt and key then close your eyes; horrors! Nemesis is still there!

Prosperity for goodness and the punishment for crime are evenly meted by her power. She is justice in the universe, retribution of deeds.

Rejoice at her working for all are subject to her laws. We spin our fates as a spider its web; creating happiness  or unhappiness, joy or sorrow.

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