Contemplative Life

To remain focused, to constantly be aware of what is most important in individual life is an eminent quality. The … More

What They Think

A toxic mindset runs in every town, in any city is encountered. Dictate to people on how to live, what … More

Full Moon

Light of the moon shine, an ethereal mist cast over the horizon, bespeak that incompleteness should be completed. Roseate glow … More


All expression originate from silence, idea of human and universe are incubated in silence, the content of cosmos and galaxies … More

Fate and Destiny

Fate and Destiny are two topics that resonate deeply in many peoples life. knowledge given on these topics are in … More


The beginning of all advancement begins with patience. When this journey begins the traveller will reach no destination without patience. … More

Dark Nights.

There is unbroken quietness in the night, a stillness even my restless thoughts cannot break. The darkness pervades all, like … More

West Africa

Untamed world of wild landscapes, akin to the lands in which the gods reside. Kinship to one another but ruled … More