Lakshmi, Goddess Of Fortune, Wealth, Prosperity.

A bowl of rice will provide equal satisfaction to a rich man and a poor man. A bowl of rice does not judge the person who consumes it. The same applies to a piece of cloth. A piece of cloth will provide comfort to whosoever drapes it, man or woman, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. And a house will provide the same quality of shelter to all, without any discrimination. We may judge a bowl of rice, a piece of cloth or a house, but the rice, the cloth and the house will never judge us. For rice, cloth and house are forms of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

It annoys us to find Lakshmi with people we don’t like, people who we deem to be criminals and bad. We believe that Lakshmi should abandon amoral and perverse people. But there she is, with them, and we find it exasperating, irritating and so unfair. In the real world many imbalanced folks are filthy rich, and so many good, upright folks seem to be struggling with basics of survival. Why is it so? Does Lakshmi like bad people? Or is she just indifferent to the notions of ethics and morals and propriety and virtue that matter so much to us?

People have spent almost all their lives contemplating the nature of wealth, they have compiled so much knowledge on how to be rich, however with all this knowledge tons of people still battle between two extreme wealth and poverty. To understand Lakshmi, we have to understand where wealth comes from. Wealth in its most primal form comes from under the ground. Plants come from under the ground. Minerals come from under the ground. Water comes from under the ground. Even petrol comes from under the ground. The sea locks wealth, the subterranean realms lock wealth, trees lock wealth until it is harnessed and released. Those who release this wealth can be anyone.

Wealth is greatly sort after in our lives and we are all seeking Lakshmi in one way or the other, Lakshmi brings fortune, prosperity, riches but that is only what she can give, that is the end of her own road. While Lakshmi brings prosperity into a household or to an individual, Saraswati brings peace. The two are always in conflict. Lakshmi- prosperity, fame, riches loves to go places where Saraswati- peace, wisdom, discipline resides. But her arrival often marks the end of wisdom and peace. With wealth comes pride, inflated self worth, quarrels, bickering over money-matters, annoying Saraswati who runs away, which is why they say prosperity and peace rarely coexist. The only mediator who can bring them together is Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles.

Everything in life is all about balance, the desire for wealth and prosperity should be balanced with the desire for wisdom and peace, the blessings of Lakshmi can be bestowed on anyone, but Saraswati’s wisdom and peace is something consciously cultivated and maintained. Life should not be all about wealth and prosperity, there should be an equal balance of continuous spiritual growth which maintains wisdom and removes all obstacles that downplay the importance of the soul.


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