Self Consciousness

Whatever an individual thinks, feels or does becomes part of the individual’s self-consciousness. If an individual thinks and feels poorly, can the self-consciousness be contented?

As every individual moves and has his being in self-consciousness it behooves all individuals to elevate the self-consciousness as quickly as possible. No other individual can in any degree change the self-consciousness of another individual. The individual’s self-consciousness must live from and of itself. If self-consciousness lives poorly, it will be poor and extremely limited.


Whatever disturbs self-consciousness, self-consciousness has so permitted to disturb. What are some of the things self-consciousness seeks?

Kindness, charity and understanding are three of them. How can self-consciousness obtain these things? By one way only—BY USING THEM. Self-consciousness often through its grosser vehicle, the physical body, tries every other method first. All other methods fail, and always will fail. What self-consciousness uses is only the vehicle to extend itself, just as the rays of the sun permeate everything so also should self awareness.

There is nothing in the universe that functions mysteriously. Everything functions according to just and Beneficent Law. If a thing appears mysterious it is because self-consciousness wants it to appear so. Many individuals apparently thrive in the shallow pool of mystery. The lethargic state of mystery cannot long hold the individual. The individual’s spirit will protest.


  1. We’re not here to prove our worthiness, the world is not a wish-granting factory, it’s a metaphor. The world wasn’t made for us, we were made for the world. So, we the ‘silly soul ‘ must understand our self. When we are self-conscious or get to know our self-worth…We stop giving others discounts.

    Hence, at every single step of life self consciousness is very important…

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