Law Of Homogeneity

People with similar faculties, interests and life values become friends easily. Therefore, it is possible to fuse, attract and understand each other only at the same level. Things originating in inhomogeneous species cannot fuse, they are repelled, disharmony and suffering arises.

The partnership is a similar example in the emotional life. The affectionate and stable relationship may occur only in couples in which both partners love heartfeltly each other. If only one of them loves and the other is indifferent the homogeneous species which is a feeling and the mutual love is lacking. In a relationship like this the equilibrium is damaged; difficulties and sufferings occur because the law of the attraction of homogeneous species is violated. If these partners are united by some other homogeneous species such as clinging to the property, kids or some other things they may live well together but they will never know what true love is.

In business the law play heavily and inattention to this law bring about losses or ruin. If both partners have the same level of integrity, passion and seriousness, such business is furthered. If one partner is honest and the other crafty, if one works with all seriousness and the other with frivolity imbalance is the result.

We should be conscious of this law at all time and in all areas of life. We should know who swing in harmony with us and who does not, the first should be furthered, the second avoided or discontinued.


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