Free Will And Responsibility

In the old evolutionary stages, in slavery society, in feudalism, the ordinary man was not free enough. In his private choices, for example choosing of profession or marital partner he was subjected to the will of his ruler or authority in his family. With the growing up of mankind, the free will grows in all fields of life simultaneously.

Many present-day men do not want to use their free will. It is more convenient for them when other people decide instead of them. The ability of making independent decisions is connected with free will. Thus, from this fact it follows also the responsibility for consequences. Many people, be it consciously or not, do not want to fully use their free will just from this reason.

Others do just the contrary – without thinking and pieces of good advice they want always to decide alone very often impulsively and rashly. They do not know that the consequences they will have to bear will be much harder than their own decisions. Therefore people should not avoid warnings, advice or experiences of other people. They should compare them to their own knowledge and desires first and then decide.

Men thinking that they have not free will belong to another group. They are being governed by their negative tendencies and features to such an extent that the law of reciprocal action hinders them to escape from the consequences. The weakness may only be overcome when all laziness for removing of the negatives may be concentrated by the yearning for the change connected with the recognition of the causes of these negatives.

If somebody suffers the lack of free will, for example in employment, first of all he should think about that, what is the cause of his unfreedom. Perhaps, he is not interested in his work and is forced to do it, or the working hours or workmates don’t suit him. He should consider this all and maybe change the work or only the working- place, if he takes these causes as distraction.

Someone can suffer the feeling of unfreedom, because others exploit his goodness, cleverness and willingness. In this scenario he should think about the change on his inside, because it will go similarly in the other working- places.

If someone suffers from lack of freedom in partnership one must examine it carefully and look for hidden causes. Maybe, one of the partners will find in the course of time that both of them have nothing in common which would drain him or her and therefore he or she feels limited in this partnership. However, people often maintain limiting relationships only because of being afraid of living according to one’s own will or because of the lack of courage for a split-up. They do not realise that being pressed by the suffering is to think about themselves and to review their life. As a result of this pressure partners need not always split up. Sometimes, it is only sufficient to understand the situation and the partner.

Many people drink alcohol instead or accuse others of the responsibility for their destiny. Other people waste their time escaping from this situation – in work or hobbies in order not to have to concern themselves with their own lives. Problems then mount, frustration set inside and outside, enjoyment of life disappear even under favored conditions, emptiness governs action and speech, malicious intent toward others unburdened, and one sinks deeper into the pit of endless suffering.

Only the exercise of free will, taking full responsibility of action and thought, knowing their consequences, making full use of reason and discrimination desolves personal suffering.

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