Desire For Spirit Advancement

In every human the desire for spiritual knowledge starts to manifest itself in the form of inexplicable dissatisfaction, stir and search during youth. The meaning of this law is for people to grow and develop mentally. Some people damp this desire very early in their lives or press it to the background as something which is of no use in everyday life.

Others set a wrong direction. This relates especially to young people and their adoring of idols – singers, actors and sportsmen. These ideals inspire them to promote vanity rather than to search actively for the high spiritual truth and to recognise the true purpose of life.

Other people put in practice the desire for better and more perfect world which is the expression of this law in a convenient way – through the escape to the other world in the state of the changed consciousness by means of drugs or meditations. Thus, their way to the cognition of the high truth through the natural development on earth is blocked.

So called “realists” transformed this desire, this stir into the chase of earthly values – property, prominence and enjoyment. Despite permanent satisfying of these desires and cravings which are the most important for them they lack peace and composure. They did not find the true sense of life to which they should have been led through the search – to the cognition of the world and of themselves.

The desire and search for spiritual knowledge which bring advancement of every faculty in Man is the only sure route to continuous expansion.

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