Law Of Motion

No one doubts that the law of motion is a vital part of life. Everything that obeys the law of motion bears life and also development in itself. Where the lack of motion prevails there stagnation and decadence come into existence.

In nature animals have their natural enemies which force them to permanent motion and vigilance. Thus, they improve and develop. Only weak, ill and old creatures die.

By the adequate physical motion or even stress man can activate both his body and mind, discover hidden reserves and as a consequence of this development can be supported. Indolent and lazy Man becomes ill and weak sooner than the active one. His mind is often rigid and lazy like his body and therefore he is hardly able to understand the reason of his suffering. These poor people lack power and courage enough to escape from this oppressing situation or to change it. In the case of an illness they do not want to adapt proper ways of living or to get rid of bad habits. Thus, the lack of motion is a hindrance of both physical and mental health and development.

By the excessive activity very often following of the long-lasting stress and by the big physical burden similar consequences as by the lack of motion occur – faster ageing and diseases.

Like the body needs permanent motion the soul also does. It is moved through thoughts, developing of emotions and setting goals. The law of motion manifests itself in the psychical area as the volition – the will by means of which man puts his desires into practice.

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