Finding Purpose

You have to develop a life-purpose. Our work is our life-preserver. Remember: Life only avails, not the having lived. Power ceases in the instant of repose: it resides in the moment of transition from a past state into a new state, in the shooting of the gulf, in the darting to an aim. You must reach out to the highest and the best within the sphere of your vision. Thus alone can you stand out of the deep rut formed by ages of crass ignorance. Your ideal must compel your entire being. There must be tugging hard at the center of your being and earnest longing to live up to the highest within you.

Perhaps it is the lower nature that reacts so viciously upon your efforts, your doings and thinkings. Perhaps it is a hypersensitive nervous system that has dragged you on to a low plane of living. Perhaps it is a weak mind that would neither be coaxed out, nor dragged out, nor be lashed out of its chronic condition of fearfulness, general depression, sluggishness, despair and melancholy, worry, hurry and flurry, jealousy, fretfulness, and all-consuming hatred, that sees obstacles where there are none; that is so delicately hinged that a slight feather’s weight tips the beam; or a breath of air flings wide the doors to perdition and you are sent flying into the Slough of Despond. Perhaps anxious thoughts loom large, threaten and then destroy repose.

Morbid thoughts, impure desires, self-pity, painful introspection, continual anticipation of perpetual loss, constant dwelling on a lazy ideal, pessimism, causeless apprehensions, all these and many more are the pitiless enemies and life long associates of a negative, resistless, nerveless, will-less cast of mind; a mind void of stamina, a character out of joint with the laws of right-living and right-thinking.

Heredity, environmental conditions, emotion and ignorance; all contribute their quota to the emasculation of man’s resistant forces. The fact is people can be as lazy as they dare to be. If they work at all, there must be a strong incentive to back up their sudden fit of activity. It is the prospect of an ease-living, lazy life that allures them to activity. It is a long spell of active inactivity that most people want. No wonder their powers of resistance are in a state of atrophy! No wonder they land themselves in a vicious circle! Truly, most truly, has it been said that an idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Now, reader, are you one such? I hope not.


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