Path Of The Fearless

Each soul individually exists on earth to fulfil a mission which it alone can fulfil. You are here because you are indeed a necessity, an indispensable something which nature requires for the execution of certain designs. No more of foreign supports then. You have to stand alone; thus alone will strength flow into your veins. All power is inborn. It is never an accretion from without. Those that go careering madly into the external world are like men standing upon their heads instead of on their feet. Those that turn ever inwards for inspiration, for strength, stand aright, command their limbs, and work miracles. They are as firm columns sustaining immense fabrics.

Yes, cat-like you must ever fall upon your feet. Trust yourself and in the endless mutation of things you shall discover that naught can establish you in peace but yourself. Sturdy natures are not leaning willows. They act from within, from themselves. It is these that shed healing by their mere presence. It is these that have tossed overboard idolatries, customs and conventions. They do not seek for compassion. Indeed they resent all gratis sympathy. With self-trust new powers are born. For everything at the core is wrought out of one hidden stuff.

I read in a particular scripture how Uddalaka taught his son this truth by salt dissolved in water. The boy was required to take a solution of salt and water. Next day the father asked him for the salt. The boy could not find it. “Taste from the top,” said the father. “It is saltish,” replied the boy. “Taste from the middle of the water.” “It is saltish,” replied the boy. “Taste from the bottom,” enjoined the father. “It is saltish.” Now, so it is with the Universal Soul. It is the One, the indivisible Spirit running through entire nature, vivifying all, sustaining all, evolving in all.

Is it not high time then that you resolved to take yourself for better, for worse? In rejecting yourself, in wishing that you were Mr. or Mrs. So-and-So instead of what you are, in imitating others, in bemoaning your lot, you are denying God an instrument to express perfection here on earth. There is a time in every man’s life when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that though the whole universe is full of good, no kernel of nourishing corn can come to him but through his toil bestowed on that piece of ground which is given to him to till. We know ourselves only when we have tried to do so and not before.

Therefore say, “Henceforth things must take a new scale from me. I obey no law but what is sanctioned by my own judgment. I am a Living spirit working, living and breathing for whatever is related to me by spiritual affinity. I care little for this world with its thousand-cloven tongues of gratis advice, praise and censure. I can but obey my polarity. I want nothing. I seek strength in chastity. I seek wisdom in the silence of my own heart. Death shall wring from me but one pang and not even that if I can help it. I shall be calm. Naught shall ruffle my calm. For each time I feel the stabs of anxiety and remorse I die. The Lord is my refuge. I can only live under His control. This is the path of fearlessness.

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