Frivolity Of Youth

Some youth think they can well afford to be indolent, since every adult and elder is working and so far as they are concerned do not see why all life should labor. This is a serious self-deception indeed! Your share of work even though not active temporary is to persevere in the path of absolute Purity, Discipline and Cultivation.

So the present generation of youth. ‘Oh! There are many great Men and Women already doing wonderful things and good for the world. I need not trouble. I can well be spared.’ No! No! You cannot be spared. There is not one soul that can snap asunder the bond of collective effort. If you, who are young and vigorous, are abusing your advantages by letting them slip by through your lazy and selfish propensities, then know that a time will come when you will look for them in vain. If you will not when you may, you shall not when you will.

I see young men who have all possible chances allowed them. Nothing weighs upon their minds. Yet these complain loudest. Poor Souls! Instead of working now while the sun shines upon them, they are content to lead aimless lives. Man’s work is his inner development and unfoldment. Those who are fully alive to this fact can never be satisfied with living at low pressure. It is the pitch at which a man lives that counts most.

Everything concentrates. Diffusion leads to confusion. “Not they that eat most, but they that digest most are the most nourished. Not they that get most but they that keep and give the most, are the richest. So not they that hear most, or read most, but they that meditate most and pray most and in the silent way of Love give out the most are the most edified and nourished and enriched.

“Meditate upon these things,” and “As the days pass so will your strength be.” Therefore, shut yourself up in your room and with strenuous and earnest zeal, go on adding stroke after stroke of steady work for your soul-expression. Results will come in their own good time and that moment is best for you and the world when you get great gleams of light from your higher nature.

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