The Inner Sugmad

I am in the lower world’s lost and lonely, in search of the light that beam hope and peace, the inner sun fierce -shinning freedom and love.

World happenings have voices and bespeak trouble and doom, the lines of destruction appear on a pitch dark sky, lighting premeditates a strike, where will I find refuge. Now than ever I need the Sugmad, the way out of this reoccurring darkness.

Flowers are blooming, birds are souring high singing, even the blackbird with heavy eyes rejoice at the sign of morning, yet my days are enshrouded in darkness and uncertainty. The apex specie Man is threatened by rumours of nuclear annihilation.

The mind is endless in projecting desires, insatiable, selfish and destructive ideas pull awareness in, a mania of destructive creations, a mania of vain acquisition, a mania of savagery, the plunder and the greed and yet even when these desires are satiated there remain a huge gulf between real satisfaction and peace.

The Sugmad that is all pervading reside in all things, stirring pangs of dissatisfaction with all that is destructive and fleeting. I feel the dissatisfaction, I now see the emptiness and vanity of a thousand things.

If I could fly as birds do, or if I could be still and firm as a sturdy tree, if I could spun the simple and yet complex web as spiders, if I could take on different expressions as the fleece-like clouds, if I could hit the ground as the heavy downpour, or find way to the depths as the sunshine maybe I would glimpse the creative Sugmad.

In the Sugmad I am all these things. I am the fierce light of the sun, I am the gentle light of the peaceful moon, I am the refreshing and cool breeze; in the Sugmad I am completely still, I have no desires, I feel nothing and crave nothing. Yet when I loose touch with the Sugmad, I cannot find the path to my own Spirit.

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