Overcoming Fear

When fear comes over me, I just determine to continue doing what is right for me and that drives away the fear of that moment. By evident analogy each individual can conclude that the mere determination to conquer fear will bring about a tremendous change of thought-habit and crush every weakness.

However keen your fears you must determinedly pluck out of your nature everything that weakens you. Rest assured, this step desperate as it is, will ever strengthen you and, although for the moment you may suffer the torments of Hell, your path will open out freely. Do not yield. Do not care for life. Die, if need be, but die a strong man that refused utterly to yield and be defeated by fear. Your body may at first not be able to stand the strain of such action; but your spirit will live and grow stronger. Hence determine to stand guard by your High Nature. Draw the line between your animal and your Spiritual Nature. Cleave to the latter, happen what may.

Remember, my readers, Doing alone teaches Doing. Therefore determine to perform your duties according to the dictates of your inner Nature, your conscience, your intuitive Nature. This is the right path, Doing and not Dreaming. You shall be at the top of your condition if you ever obey the suggestions of your soul, for your heart never tells a lie although your tongue may. Determine to be master of your mind and work at this with earnest and hopeful steadfastness.

Hold yourself steady bodily and mentally. Then begin to exercise your will. Feel and say “I am this very moment mastering my fears. Now. This moment. Now. Insist on immediate mastery. Do not say “tomorrow,” but say “This moment.” Set up the strong Present Tense against all else. Do not give up till you begin to feel relieved and calm. Do it with perseverance. It will set up strong vibrations that will destroy the weak atoms of your brain and thoroughly establish a vigorous tone of thought-activity.

Practice will bring strength and relief. Freedom comes on the vibratory wires of strong thought and strong action. Action, exertion, will tune your mind to a responsive condition which will clinch your intentions into strength and motive power to your entire Nature. Learn to exercise your will. Learn to be positive and not react to evil suggestions, either from your own Nature or from that of others. Have a Spirit of your own. Determine to do a thing and do not desist while there is even a breath left in the body. Greatness could never be a prize for cowards. Only the brave, the pure, the strong, the determined, can reach the goal. None else, none else I tell you.

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