Innate Culture

Everywhere it is obvious that if beauty makes a display of itself, it becomes sheer ugliness. It is obvious that if goodness makes a display of goodness, boast about self-righteousness it then appear repulsive. For to attain anything or possess anything should never become a source of vainglory.

The bee have a culture of natural Genius, this is nature ordained. Work ethic, organization and class of the bee culture is mind-blowing but they remain simple creatures. The work the honey stored in the combs is a complex produce, tremendous attention to detail, they go the 55,000 mile to gather the nectar needed for the most sweetest product of Nature.

In life we all encounter the difficult and the easy, they mutually balance each other. To love ease more than difficulty create opportunities for bad behavior and expressions, difficulties are the source of strength in life, without difficulty we will not attain the maturity.

Long and short balance each other, there should be no hurry, sometime things come to fruition in a short while and at some other time take a longer duration, patience is the key, one should persevere in right action the Holy hour will always come.

Above and below are mutually conditioned, the superior is still dependent on the subordinate, the high is always balanced by the low, whenever the high loses touch with the low the fall is usually disastrous.

Let the wise be careful in all their activities and always live by the instructions of wisdom, when huge problems arise they will always be solved from the easy standpoint, When he succeeds he will never take the glory for anything; he will only recognize that it is obedience to the laws of Nature that bring about joyful results.

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