Self Deception

As we age pride take on new forms, vanity wear new masks, wrongdoing brushed off easily, lack of definite purpose cloaked under busyness, deprivation of virtues evaded with clever speech, deep flaws hidden under religious devotion. Very few people accept their true condition, these are the ones who escape the pit of self deception.

If we are honest with ourselves we will come to the recognition that so many fact and ideas society run on are deeply flawed. Society is not perfect because society is shaped by the Con-Man for personal power and undisputed authority. We know these things but the courage to begin self disentanglement is lacking. The path to personal liberation is a stony and hard road, but the end is lasting and indestructible financial independence, psychic freedom, body and mental health, lot of free time for individual pursuits, proper relationships, equal contribution and consumption in daily life.

We all feel a deep need for wholeness within ourselves, we all desire freedom from all forms of slavery and limitation set by the Con-Man. But the truth remain, no-one can bring us this liberation on a platter of gold. Wholeness is a private journey each individual must someday embark or keep revolving the circle of suffering dictated by the Con-Man. We suffer when we refuse to outgrow manipulations, our lives no where near the ideal, a cage all are led into, so compressed we complain of loosing breath, when freedom breezes everywhere.

There are tons of dirt to clear out of our psychic, lot of garbage to trash out our minds. Hidden fears still influence the adult, fears covered underneath tons of activity, yet still lingering, causing unseen havoc in the life of the victim. Such take on numerous forms of insecurity, prejudice, greed, insufficiency, anger, fanatism, odd behavior, hateful exhibitions are but some. These are what indeed create most of the troubles in personal life. We complain how difficult our lives have become, pushing the blame elsewhere, never knowing our self deception is the chief culprit.

Self deception subject us to manipulations and unconscious living, the individual when dissatisfied with hypocrisy will finally seek and find the truth that will lead to personal liberation.


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