Soul Does Not Cry

The extent at which we create suffering is something phenomenal, we have become junkies of pain, we go lengths to defend our wicked ways, our distorted lives, our deep spiritual ignorance, suffering become the result. People tell their stories and most of them horrendous, they only see the suffering never the underlying cause. Suffering has it root in wrongdoing whether known or unknown, present and past. Look into your ways, observe your thoughts, bridle the speech this is the hardest work. Story of suffering may bring condolence, the cause still remain unsolved, the masochist is ever finding a way to appeal public sentiment through his or her pain rather than looking inward to redeem the sins.

People mess-up their lives with their own hands and complain afterward. Preferring outer governance to self-governance that someone other than themselves blamed. Lives are ruined from within, lack of self- reflection leave potential damage unnoticed, imbalances creep in gaining foothold; the menace then unfolds. Wars have not destroyed lives the extent ignorance does. Something in us cherish suffering, something in us thirst after wrongdoing and something inside need to awaken, no excuse anymore we need to be transformed.

The Soul is liberated, this is where the freedom is found, this is where the power to build or destroy reside. When we rely on our senses, power of obsevervation and intellect alone we birth a society that is Soulless. With all the beautiful technology in the world the pain still overshadow the pleasure, the wars still loom over the peace, the hate towering over love and cooperation.

Our Souls do not grief, it is our minds and bodies that grief, we cut the tie and we now suffer. Soul have always spoken for thousand of years we don’t listen, we listen to instinct, to self preservation. We all have Soul, we all have everything within us, there is only a need for the Soul work. To reconnect back with Soul is not an easy task, thousand years of separation make this so; we are to become children again. Soul has an infinite capacity, it is the source of indestructible harmony and causeless Joy. Soul is not limited it can source out what is needed for daily living, no need for worries it brings the necessity for each moment.

Soul is the only hope out of the miserable life, there is no other exit. You must discover your own center, it won’t be an easy journey, nothing lasting is gotten easily. You will prove yourself daily to be worthy of inspiration, higher guidance, moving through thresholds of understanding to complete actualization. When the soul begin to lead the outcome is always Freedom.

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