Spiritual Unfoldment

The heart of man pants for many things. Desire moves man more than anything else. Passions may lash up the … More

Frivolity Of Youth

Some youth think they can well afford to be indolent, since every adult and elder is working and so far … More

Path Of The Fearless

Each soul individually exists on earth to fulfil a mission which it alone can fulfil. You are here because you … More

Finding Purpose

You have to develop a life-purpose. Our work is our life-preserver. Remember: Life only avails, not the having lived. Power … More

Law Of Motion

No one doubts that the law of motion is a vital part of life. Everything that obeys the law of … More

Law Of Homogeneity

People with similar faculties, interests and life values become friends easily. Therefore, it is possible to fuse, attract and understand … More


Every physical life requires adjustments. Every individual brings to a physical life definite tendencies. These tendencies prompt many of the … More