From The Ashes I Rise

“I have set myself ablaze, I am reduced to ashes, that I be reborn into a new reality.” Death seems … More

The Beauty Of Failure

Many are afraid of failing, many people cannot stand the heat, we work extremely hard in life just not to … More

Learn From Other Cultures

The missing puzzle in our lives may be found in another culture, every country have something the whole benefits from. … More

The Nafs

“Nafs in Arabic means “ego”, and the most intense attack on the human mind come from “Nafs” temptations. Almost all … More

The Sixth Heaven

In entering the sixth heaven everything is beautiful, all seem in perfect harmony. This is the home circle of the … More

The Fifth Heaven

Here a more scintillated and spiritual atmosphere is found, where the olden bards and sages of the past have made … More

The Fourth Heaven

A Merry Christmas to you all, in the heavenly spheres everyday is Christmas, love and joyful activities. On leaving this … More

The Human Aura

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Life On Earth

Life on Earth is a builder of soul experiences. We are all here from different parts of the universe in … More

Pleasure and Bliss

When we take a closer look at what happiness is, we have to understand there are two ‘types’ of happiness: … More