Make Things Happen

Add the fact that most of us are trained to view power as something other people have, not us. At home, we needed to ask our parents if we can go out somewhere. At school, we were taught to raise our hand before speaking. At the workplace, we were told we need to get approval from higher ups in order to initiate a plan of action. We feel powerless. We need the approval of others.

People are encouraged to be consumers instead of creators, to be dependent instead of independent. Need to feel better about yourself? Take this drink. It will give you confidence. Need to impress the opposite sex? Buy this fragrance. It will give you charisma. Need to get rid of your problems in a flash? Take this pill. It will make you invincible. It will make everything better. You don’t need to worry. From every angle, from the minute we were born, we have been explicitly and implicitly told a message: you’re not good enough. You need someone else to take the wheel.

This all manifests itself in a form of learned helplessness. We all know what happens to people who are helpless? People who don’t learn to overcome their learned helplessness and actually try? They are used as tools to design the things that active people are building. Look at animals. Not one of them is a passive participant. Not one. Birds all fly South for the Winter. Squirrels gather acorns for their hibernation. Rams fight each other to establish dominance during their mating season. What if none of these animals did any of those things? They would either die or not get to pass on their DNA. Simple!

Guess what? Humans are part of the flow too. We are subjected to the same laws – the only difference is that we get to choose. You can’t just sit on the sidelines and watch as the active people are shaping their lives into better realities. There is no waste in the economy of nature. You either get in the arena and make things happen, or you will become a scavenger that gathers the left-overs. The consequences for not giving, contributing but waiting for things to happen are too high. If you are passive, your goal is to find something that will light a fire in you and make you want to become an active person and contribute. It’s not impossible and it’s not too late to begin the self-discovery process.

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