Meaning Of Compassion

Changeless adamatine laws govern the Universe, these laws are self- enacting, they bring about the evolution and the disintegration. Every atom in the universe are subject to these laws finding rhythmic balance. Nature strictly adheres for harmony is quintessential to the natural world. When humans do strive with all the might to understand, subject themselves to the laws, beautiful realities are created, wonderful works that resound the timeless come into existence.

Compassion is never feeling empathy of human plights. All agonies source from the disobedience of universal precepts. Compassion is earned from repentance, awareness of wrongs and the strong desire to be aligned. The changeless laws of the universe are ever furthering those that obey and rebuking the trespasser. The grotesque imbalances found in our world today sprout from transgressions. Nation, state, individual reap decay when they reject the precept of universal order. Truth always bitter simply states: “We are where our state of consciousness have placed us.”

They that seek compassion should ennoble the self through action, take responsibility for all personal thought, word and deed. Individuals create their own reality, they shape their own destiny. The trespass are always reaped in kind, the hour will surely arrive for retribution, Hence no sympathy, no compassion. The whip scourges the sinner, they writhe in pains of agony.

End identification with people’s self-created troubles, pain emanates from the unguarded subconscious. Better to protect your own mind, leave others to profit from self-created experiences or hinder their lessons and incur negative karma. We live in a perfectly governed Universe with adamantine and unchanging laws. Love and justice rule the world, they stand totally detached, leaving the earth students to reap consequences of right and wrong.

The teachings of universal precepts are available in all forms today, no excuse for ignorance, they that seek find them. When individuals adhere they find compassion, when they reject guidance, no mercy is shown in time of despair. Love and obey the laws. No more sympathy and identification with self-created nightmares of Nations, States and Individuals, such reject the laws and in such actions reject the compassion.

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