Money As The Tool

Money is a medium of exchange, a tool to purchase the essential of survival. As a tool it create the means through which articles are given and taken. Society is structured on money, without money any society is dysfunctional, there will be no standard means of executing exchange. Money has a role in breaking barriers and furthering industrious actions. The growth of the society rest on exchange, the endless circle of give and take.

The power of money is undisputed, the material expansion it births, the means for better living conditions. Money inspires development and outward progress. Society need it for sustainability and material well-being. The household depends on it, without money threat of destitution looms. The corporations use money to maintain workforce and productivity, the sects and religious organization expand influence through money. The importance is very clear.

As important as all these may seem money remain just the tool. It’s a medium through which soul finds a balanced life on earth. Money has a beneficial role in every life when given the proper place. Each soul comes into the body with natural predilections, worked upon can be converted into means of livelihood. Soul is the Creative principle, in it reside the power to shape earth circumstances. When the soul precede the mind there is always harmony.

Society today is governed by mind, and the mind is very fearful. The belief without money come threat of life creates struggle in the people. Societies elevate money to the highest goal, leading to fierce competition and comparison. People forget about Love in battle for the material. These are fears emanating from the mind leading the race into the habit of exploitation.

Money remain only the tool. The soul precede everything, without the soul there is no human creativity or innovation. The reward for creativity may-be money but soul is the source and satisfaction. Put to end the over exaggeration of money and elevate the soul, for wherever the soul find an outlet balance is the result.

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