The Inner Flame

Come with the warmth and energy and quickens the seeds of our new life.

Come with the life-giving heat the fire to thaw all that is frozen and trapped within us.

Come with the melting release of healing waters, cleansing away the staleness of our spirits, the winter debris of our hearts and freeing us from our own stagnation.

The bright spark of life and inspiration that burns in us all; the hearth fire at the centre of our hearts sustaining and warming; a place to gather and draw inspiration, nourishment and comfort

The fire of passion that animates our creativity that we may create our world anew, that we too may become the spring and the Healing Waters.

As the renewing life at the edge of our senses, we begin to feel the energy increasing, visible in the growing light and the first greening shoots of spring.

Like seeds that feel the stirrings of growth in the dark soil, we feel the first call of this desire, a sense that we must soon stretch, moving up from the warmth and safety of the dark to the ever quickening call of the light.

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