Life On Earth

Life on Earth is a builder of soul experiences. We are all here from different parts of the universe in order to experience the Life on Earth. We begin life here as babies, gradually becoming aware of our world, the journey of experiencing have begun. Every life- form have what to experience, for life is rich with various situations and circumstances that will make the sum total of birth towards death.

The Life on Earth is very spectacular, each individual soul come from different parts of the universe to meet on the Earth Plane. Each carries the destiny in the atomic structure and the sense of direction in the intuition. We were all fully prepared for this moment. Living on Earth has its pros and cons, It’s principles and dynamics each soul must come to terms with to live effectively.

As the Earth consists of different continents and numerous nations so are there numerous requirements for the growth of individuals. Each Nation possess unique cultural background that influences daily life. The people have tailored challenges and promptings towards growth. Being born to a particular world region is of utmost importance, the experiences that lead towards spiritual advancement resides there. So many people migrate out of their native soil only to become engrossed with experiences that profit them little. In other cases the migration is prompted by life itself and not personal- will.

Each individual growth requirement reside on native soil. No matter how advanced the nation is or not, the experiences are absolutely needed. In comfort or discomfort, in peace or war, for better or worse that is the zone individual soul find rich food for personal development. We mostly see life on earth in a one sided manner, we are always gravitating to where we think is best not what life knows is best for us. Never despise your Nation, you can elevate it, you can become the catalyst for change and exertion.

Whatever experiences you find coming your way in life embrace it fully, do not be embarrassed about any situation, they all count useful. Each experience teems with motion, in them is your path to growth. Forbid the desire to crave the experiences of your neighbor they are useless to you, no matter how glamorous. Become more alert to your own life and experiences. By the time your experiencing here is coming to a close you would have profited from all situations; and will be fully prepared for the next level of Soul- existence.

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