The Fourth Heaven

A Merry Christmas to you all, in the heavenly spheres everyday is Christmas, love and joyful activities. On leaving this earth we come to the greatest discovery that life is endless. And those that lived in accord to the precepts of universal order find the after- life very joyous. This is not that uncertain visionary heaven that was thought of old, but a real living breathing country or countries full of all life, vegetable life, animal life, spirit life; and all that constitute spiritual beauty. Showing forth the handiwork of the Creator and the fullness of the regenerative power beyond the grave.

Upon entering the forth heaven happy faces await the stranger who may come with the sign of admittance, or guide to usher them into the wondrous abode where all scenes are adapted to the higher works of art, knowledge and scientific schools, which makes this one of the most interesting spheres for investigation. And the immensity and variety of scenery, gorgeous homes, grand mansions, temples, palaces, towers, minarets, colleges and schools. The art and science are here very much advanced, ready to be carried to other spheres.

This is the laboratory and workshop as it were for all spheres. There is also much of the beauty and grand of other spheres. For the older artists, scientists and sages of earth’s early history have left here handiworks before passing to the higher more glorious spheres. The scenery of this sphere is magical in character of mountains and glorious sunsets. It’s waters sparkle and ripple like light, emitting a transporting, reviving influence to the atmosphere; and all is Life. There is a mountain here which towers above the numerous. It is the mount of observation. An observatory crowns it’s summit.

As you ascend the winding avenue you see the loveliest verdure doted ever with flowers, trees, grottoes, fountains, cascades dancing down to the base, where the are beautiful lawns with many a gorgeous home. Here you can rest in many a sylvan retreat and lovely home of grand and magnificent beauty which towers above the surrounding scenery. Oh! It is grand I assure you. At first it reminds of the mountains of earth, so that for a moment, the feeling of being back again; but the scenery out-rivals anything on the earth.

These homes and retreats are those of the philosopher’s, the artists, the scientist; in fact all students of the grand noble philosophies, who strived while on the earth to uplift themselves and fellow men. Also here strangers are brought by guides to behold the glorious sceneries inspiring in them the desire for ascent. From this very sphere was sent intelligent communications which after many attempts, at last caught the listening ears of childhood. And as a master once said: suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven.

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