The Fifth Heaven

Here a more scintillated and spiritual atmosphere is found, where the olden bards and sages of the past have made their home, and where science has crowned with laurels those who have nobly won by their earnest and inspired works, peaceful homes of rest amid the enchanting scenery of beautific life. In this sphere are transparent waters whose surface glisten with sparkling light and supplying beauty. Upon whose surface glide myriads of beings with all the light and grace of angelic beauty in every conceivable form. Many creatures diving beneath it’s surface to catch the sunlight as it dawns upon and through the loveliest flowers so beautifully blossoming in its crystal beauty.

Nothing will harm or Mar the happiness of one who is welcomed here, for it is the harmonious sphere, where homes are prepared with elegance and taste, acquired by long spiritual unfolding. Each spirit has his attractive abode and associations that give sweet peace to the soul. A central playground is attached to certain localities, for amusement where choristers make melodious music. The beautiful songsters warble their notes of praise and joy to relieve the weary and pleasure bound. Infantile spirit beings are also found here to blend in this great family circle of heavenly life.

In this heaven you find the alabaster and crystal homes which are substance ethereal to the touch of spirits who do not belong to this sphere, yet well defined to those who inhabit it. The architecture is far beyond that of mortal conception. Many of these habitations have been seen by the clairvoyant eye, and spoken about in biblical times. It has been considered the “Heaven” but this is the description of only one locality and is only the fifth heaven. Here come the mighty sages and prophets of ancient days, as well as the teachers of the present. These noble beings also have homes in upper spheres. Advanced spirits have homes in all spheres, wherever they can come in harmony.

Every atom of life is full of history, as every particle of matter, and someday souls will have to pass into the upper spheres. And so we ofttimes find earthly associations of our previous existence meeting us, and reminding us of our nativity; for no one can escape the souls eyes, with the keen remembrance of all things past.

So friends, we are humans while on earth and spirits when in heaven, only unfolding like a flower to bloom in this paradise, until we are perfected yielding our substance. Then again change our garment and we go on to a more higher unfoldment until all sublunary things will be past and a spirit essence will pervade all our being. Finding ourselves clothed prepared to stand upon the rock of eternal progression, visiting the glorious homes and planetary spheres throughout the eternal ages.

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