The Sixth Heaven

In entering the sixth heaven everything is beautiful, all seem in perfect harmony. This is the home circle of the unfolded spirit. Earth’s children here find their resting place before commencing the final chemical change that is to be wrought out in the seventh heaven, preparing them for the life as pure Souls.

Here are playgrounds where the spirits bathe in an atmosphere of glorious light, where are ambrosia fountains amid grassy lawns and heavenly flowers. Sweet songsters adding their hymns of praise from the deep wooded forests, to join the bubbling streams that lave the grassy sides lined with flowers and perfumed mosses, where the wanderer can rest in sweet repose.

On the waters are beautiful swans and birds of various hue, that floating give a living picture of beauty. Here we find the homes of rest and repose of all who have come up through the different spheres and now find the haven of rest from all care, prepared to be filled with inspiration for their higher calling.

Since everyone cannot feel the same impulses or comprehend the same spiritual power but only as much as to them seem real can they accept. Hence the different spheres to fit each individual. Souls are like measures some hold a pint, some a quart, some only a gill. Yet they are full and can hold no more. So also some see the grand ennobling power of a glorious universe which seem to infill them with it’s grandeur; but others only see the material condition of everything which adapts itself to their wants.

Such materialist are vegetables in the hereafter. You cannot inspire such to anything higher than they can see, feel or touch. They only climb step by step in sphere life ever holding fast to their condition of the last until they are firmly established in the new. Then only looking for self preservation never yielding or feeling willing to rest in the inspiration of a spiritual power. They move slowly taking ages to realize that they are demanded to move upward to a higher sphere.

The sixth heaven is where we change the garment material for those of the Soul. There are also colleges and schools of art where are arranged all those grand beautiful pictures and designs that have been perfected in the fifth heaven. The time will come when earth’s treasures will be unraveled to the world, that there were inhabitants time immemorial to prove to all that it is these people who are so advanced in the upper regions of God’s world that ever inspire all in lower spheres to the noble and best ideals.

Every conceivable portion of life in the habitable earth is replicated in those different spheres. They vary only in the refinement of matter of which they are composed as they have risen like ourselves from the earth’s elements, forming a link binding all spheres with a silken cord of magnetic and electric force, that holds all together until we reach the seventh heaven. With this we may truely say that we continue to be whatever we are or have attained, with a material nature until we pass into the seventh heaven, where we are completely clothed with a new body; yet retaining the true identity and capacity of recognition as an eternal principle of life.

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