From The Ashes I Rise

“I have set myself ablaze, I am reduced to ashes, that I be reborn into a new reality.”

Death seems like the end, it bring about the conclusion but with this also come the new life. We die in so many ways daily without notice, look into the mirror and you may never be the same.

We trade one thing for another, in life those attached suffer the most, life is always taking on new forms and most of us put- up resistance, protecting the familiar. In the state of resistance we inhibit the flow, we block the new from entering, we don’t allow our personality to experience modifications.

We should be ready to flame many things, old ideas should be replaced with new views, old habits, destructive attitude be broken for new foundations, the irrelevant associations forsaken for the better aligned companionship. To die is not simple, what we hold unto, what we are attached to must be flamed to ashes.

We desire changes not realizing we hinder our most sort after change. The imbalances that are still alive within us defeat the purpose. The change sort from the outside is no lasting change, only the transformation that comes after death is enduring. By death I mean the complete eradication of the imbalances or hindrances.

We should seek death to life fearlessly, we should be ready for the worst to experience the best. The seed teaches us one of the most important values. The seed must be buried in the ground, must experience the death in order to become new life. We too are no different, to live a green life we must touch the ground, we must die out of the inflated sense of self, out of ignorance, out of inner poverty and restrictions.

Like the mysterious bird the “Phoenix” we should set ourselves ablaze in order to be reborn out of the ashes. Setting ourselves ablaze means to die out of imbalances, to drop faults day by day, to seek the sanctuary of the soul, to persist on the road, and when the time is right we will be reborn and our lives will reflect another dimension of elevation.

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