Children Are Special

Woman is the instrument of childbearing, the portal through which a soul find entrance into this world.

The child is not her child, they are sons and daughters of life seeking new expression, they come in with an independent personality.

Give them your love but not your thoughts, they will develop theirs with time, give them your care not your sentiments, they will someday seek freedom away from you.

You may house their bodies but not their souls, the soul cannot be housed in a home but can only find expression into the home through love, joy, happiness and freedom, influencing the surrounding.

Learn from children, the childlikeness and bold spirit, seek not be make them like you- rigid, fearful and closed. Life does not go backward but forward.

Children are the arrows of the next generation, they will whizz past all obstacles and reveal an outstanding personality when allowed to unfold.

The parents are the bowstring. The strength of the bow and the tightness of the string is what makes the child bend in gladness; being released soars through the air in precision hitting the mark of true greatness.

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