The Most Important Question

A more important and unusual question will be, what kind of pain do you want in your life? What are you willing to suffer for! Be humiliated for! Misunderstood for! This is what determines the outcome of our lives.

People want success, pleasure, abundance, luxury but not everyone is willing to suffer, to pay the price. Few are willing to put in the endless hours for practice. The time for study and research. The endurance and risks taking into a business. The horning of skill necessary for that perfect artistic expression. The development of character for high office. The pursuit of self improvement to maintain a healthy family.

Living is an interplay between positive and negative aspects of life. We cannot only experience positive and avoid negative, if you entertain such an idea, rude shocks will eradicate them. Positive experiences are easy to handle, it is all smiles when things are moving smoothly, but when the negative sets in very few can continue smiling. The strongest characters are built under the negative circumstances of life.

What then determines success or fulfillment isn’t the things you want to enjoy. The question is what pain do you want to sustain? The quality of your life is determined by how well you hold yourself during the worst experiences and still retain a vision. This is the success determinant, the stability under positive and negative conditions.

Early adulthood is a time of fantasy. Imagining yourself being that big musician, that beautiful movie star, owner of those yacht and mansions, such daydreams are endless. Fantasy begin to look like reality when they starts to act schizophrenic as if they actually posses these things. Only for the bitter truth to set- in and they realize such success come with a high price tag, and most of those people they idolize have passed through the worst pain.

Results is what people need and seek. But behind the scenes is found the most strenuous of effort. What we do and how well we do it is truly measured by what pain we are willing to endure, the displeasure we are ready to experience for that something. People who endure the stress and uncertainty of something and don’t mind even if they fail are ultimately the people who will live it.

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