Contemplation is the natural step after meditation, without contemplation we can hardly rise above our circumstances good or bad into the dimension of freedom. To contemplate is different from “thinking”, for contemplation roots in the expansive nature of Soul. Contemplation is receptivity to the inner life or any instrument pointing to the inner worlds.

We expand through contemplation, we learn to leave the passions of the mind through contemplation. To contemplate we must sit and do nothing until the higher aim come into view. We then pursue the noble to wherever it may lead, encountering the ancient wisdom and bringing uplifting practices back to our daily lives.

We all have inner lives to explore, we where never meant to be imprisoned by our five senses and the five passions. We choose to be imprisoned by our attachments which deceive us there is nothing more than what we are experiencing. We then suffer bondage and limitations as results because we cannot expand, we cannot rise above the happenings around us.

We can learn to sit at a very spot and travel inwardly exploring the wisdom and vastness of life. This is the freedom religions tell about, for man by nature is very expansive but his senses and the five passions put limitation to his movements. The five passions never allows us to reach our Souls for expansive awareness, it keeps our attention trapped in the circle of materiality.

Many awaken after earthly death to rude realities for they never contemplated while on earth to gain entrance into the higher dimensions of life. They were contented with earthly acquisitions and the traditional ways. We have the chance to expand beyond the senses and the five passions, we do that by living the contemplative life.

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