Sin Of Manipulation

The sin of manipulation is as old as the earth itself. This has been used and is still being used to perpetuate harm, create disharmony and rancour amongst different kinds of people. The kings and queens of the game of manipulation have always been the elite or ruling class, these secret lovers of control and power have been the main tools of the darkness for countless centuries.

High office, great talent and intellectual development pose danger for the insecure individual. The more insecure a person is the very reason he or she should shun leadership positions. Leadership positions are naturally for those who have aligned themselves with the universal teachings and are totally free from the flaws of the average person.

When the insecure person handles leadership positions of any kind manipulations are the end results. People are seen for games, and are made to be at the mercy of eccentric whims. Drama instead of active leadership is furthered and the flatterers and jesters find an inlet. The outcome is many lives are messed up and ruined.

The sensitive positions in any nation should never fall into the hands of the insecure, when it does only problems and difficulties will be eminent. Manipulation is the game of the weak, the fearful and the profane. These are rag souls, filthy minds that seek to dominate the population spreading anxieties. They should be seen and exposed for what they truly are “worthless”.

Many so-called leaders are guilty of the crime of manipulation and responsible for the ruin of numerous lives. They manipulate people for political or social standing. They spread false information and cover the truth. They peddle high ideals but practice vice. They condemn good people for evil to thrive. They take much from societies and give little. They spark wars and stealthily go in for plunder; all these deeds of manipulations create the most heavy karma for such individuals.

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