The Hidden Dragon

Envy is a secretly held emotion. When envious it is unlikely to admit to anyone save those with homogeneous feelings. The source of envy has always remained the “compete and compare syndrome”. Such competition and comparison is the yardstick which many people measure themselves and their self-worth.

Envy is an ugly emotion. Envy makes people work very hard and they keep measuring themselves with their perceived competitors to get even or surpass them. An envious person is hyperactive he or she wants that car, that jewelry, that lifestyle, that talent, that position, that looks, that fame, that net worth, that award, that someone else possesses. It is a world of great inner suffering and outward pretense.

If we were still cavemen the envious would kill the envied other, do something to eliminate him, or find a way to possess the desired quality. Although we are no longer cavemen great envy still pushes many to find stealth and diabolic ways to destroy or diminish the envied. The envious person is an unhappy person that feels inferior about themselves.

And instead of finding true success for themselves or improving themselves the envious wants what another person has and even find themselves wishing the other person would lose the quality or the possession in order to make things seem fair. The envious desire to put the envied down as if this will raise them up and lower people’s opinion of the envied. But it just doesn’t work! Instead in a strange way they are giving the envied a compliment and its a compliment that harms the way they feel about themselves.

People can find themselves attracted to those they envy. Many fall in love with what they want for themselves that the other person has_ be it status, money, power, family connections, intelligence_ rather than with who the person really happens to be. They imagine that they will get what they need by being attached to someone who has it. But the fate of such an attitude is usually later disappointment.

To be free of envy end the habit of comparing and competing. Avoid using other people as a yardstick to measure yourself and your worth. People are unique and come to this earth for different reasons. Focus on yourself and the development of your own Soul. Success means different things to different people find your own definition of it. Follow your heart, build your virtues and watch as your life will express itself beautifully.

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