We grow only when we begin to gain recognitions found in everyday life. We were born on earth to solve a riddle. Life always pose itself as a mystery waiting for the bold explorer to unravel the truth. Nothing readily come easy, we must exert ourselves to recognitions or proper understanding of life.

Everyday from waking through sleep gives us the opportunity to gain recognitions for ourselves. The recognitions we derive from earth- life is truly what we have worked for, and what we use in leading a meaningful life. When we are not making recognitions moment to moment we are spiritually asleep, moving through life without being alert.

Many are on earth for only the material aspect of life. They cannot see the hidden power of Soul behind all their activities. They never trouble themselves to find out more about life other than striving for food, clothes, shelter and marriage. They lose out in gaining the finer recognitions and live in the grossest part of mind.

Some recognitions that alert individuals gain through life are as follows:

# To live through life in freedom and joy, you must first die to every form of fear.

# Not every person you come across is actually alive, to be alive the movements and activities must be governed by soul.

# Thoughts are responsible for a lot of things, from war to peace, love to hate, joy to sorrow. Subconscious thoughts create believes and traditions, when brought into consciousness are realigned.

# People are not the problem, no one is to be accused; only the universal world hypnotism. Blame yourself for being an instrument for its activities.

# Death does not change anything, you still remain the same person in another body. But if you made recognitions while on earth you will secure a new consciousness.

There are countless more recognitions that are not mentioned here, which individuals find out for themselves. Life needs exertion of Soul facilities to break through the mystery or else we keep circling the same point.

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