Understanding Mind

Nature of mind is an unexplored dimension for many persons that either seem too impossible to comprehend “so they say” … More


Fear is the origin of superstition, within the dimension of fear all sorts of misguided idea, belief, folklore issue out … More

Inner Travels

Sit down on a comfortable chair with spine upright and feet placed fully on the floor for an hour doing … More

Pangs Of Suffering

Pain and suffering are the most eloquent language that speaks to the undisciplined person; every other prompting will fall on … More


Power is a misunderstood topic in which some adherents act for and others act against. They believe power corrupts, create … More

Beyond Genius

Degree of individual cultivation varies among men which evident the many levels of absorption, expression and impacted inspiration. Inequality among … More

From Faith To Knowing

The acorn seed need no faith in reconciling with its destiny of someday becoming the stately oak tree. The rugged … More

Soul Travellers

Nobody is here to stay no matter how beautiful, how talented, how rich, how popular, how charitable, or how knowledgeable, … More

Material Deprivation

Material deprivation, lack, poverty is a human condition that cannot be completely wiped out because it has a hidden purpose … More

Good And Evil

Everything on earth tangible and intangible has root in duality. We have heat and cold, pleasure and pain, love and … More