Good And Evil

Everything on earth tangible and intangible has root in duality. We have heat and cold, pleasure and pain, love and hate, good and evil etc… The world as known fluctuate around good and evil, look everywhere you may the findings are content of good and evil because people are either letting go to practice various forms of evil or striving towards what is good and noble.

Good is inherent in every living creature, any creature devoid of good will extinct itself. Animals of the wild with ferocity and ruthlessness exhibit goodness in their various ways. The lioness will cater and defend her young ever reviving the bond of cooperation in social dealings. Such is the encompassing dimension of goodness.

Evil is an alien force in man. It is the lure of temptation to fall him from his natural state of goodness and nobility. The vile and wicked energy needs tools for expression, and it is every man’s responsibility to defend his mind from their entry. Man is a good creature by nature but when he yields to evil influences he can express monstrosity.

Today’s Man has fallen from the high estate of goodness and swims in the murky slime of great evil. There are few that practice self-restraint, the others let go to such lures becoming great instrument of evil expressions. The worlds environ has become a playground for evils such as wars, murder, sexual imbalances, stained morals, bitter conflicts and slander, all these evils can be halted with self-restraint.

When good surpasses evil there is temporary peace and when evil surpasses good there is natural destruction. The solution is to rise above the duality of good and evil finding equanimity in all things. We are all travellers in time and space and the progress we make is in the effort we put. The goal is above duality, it is found in the timeless region of soul, where we become active in a life of pure knowing and being.

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