Immaturity is a state where a human being refuses to follow the principles of growth to find balance. Ageing is not congruent with growing, age count years, growth reveal exertion. Every person will eventually ripe into adolescence, into young adulthood, into middle age and finally the old age. That is the natural state of things, but for growth many fail in the attainment, for growth comes from self awareness.

Wisdom guides a child as it will an adult, for wisdom is the principal thing. Without wisdom there is no sound judgement. An adolescent may make better decision than the adult who forsake the path of wisdom. Wisdom give principle and the obedience to principle assure growth. The immature hate principle they feel age is the laurel of existence, living as they can muster and sinking deep in ignorance.

The fool or immature person prefer much talk than action, he will argue all day over what profit him nothing. He deceives his lover, betray his friends. He clings to the path of virtue as a hideout, but have no intention of being virtuous. Everything is for profit, he purchases one thing and loses the other in finding gain. His life is like the thorns found on rose stem that tries to stifle beauty but beauty cannot be undone.

What is difficult at first always turn out to build strength, but what is easy and pleasurable at first turn out to drain. From the soft the hard is found, from the hard the soft is found, they interchange with each other but the wise sees them as one. You cannot have peace without conflict, you must be with both for a lifetime. Life on earth is not an easy walk, they that claim it to be easy have it to be most difficult. Maturity is balance, the ability to be balanced in all things.

We must learn to give and regive. We must learn love that seek nothing in return. We should be kind but also know when to chastise for justice uphold all and respect not any. They that seek and find balance will live on earth as if they were in heaven and those that ridicule the law of balance will live on earth as though they were in hell. The wise ever keep aligning themselves to the working of the universe, moving within the rhythm and in this finding stability.

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