Wisdom Of Plato

1. The beginning is the most important part of work.

Foundation is most important in any endeavor. Without the proper foundation all else are layered up on shambles. We must pay close attention to how we start out and before we begin pass through the process of preparation. When we tardy at preparation we meet difficulties with an attitude of despair; but when we are prepared in all area of life we sour high like the golden eagles.

2. Nothing is beautiful without a struggle.

Roses sprout amid thorns; the magnificent butterfly is a transfiguration of the grotesque caterpillar. Process govern all states and there is always a price to pay. Once there is a desire for something noble there is nevertheless a process required to reach that goal. Beauty is the product of tireless work, of purpose which provide enough space for practice. The most beautiful works ever created have history of struggle for struggle is the father of all things.

3. Have you ever sensed that our soul is immortal and never dies?

This is a question that many cannot give an answer due to the pervading materialism found in our world. The hard crust of matter prevent them from seeing or knowing the finest substance found in the world. Our human body is subject to birth and death, the human intellect cannot survive beyond its given jurisdiction. The immortality of soul is not something to be discussed publicly but experienced personally.

4. The objective of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful.

Beauty and perfection are the goals of learning. In all field of endeavor there is a calling for mastery. Man’s structural engineering has reached a point of perfection where even seas and mountains pose no barrier. But still lacking in beauty is man’s moral nature. Proper education should build in men sound morals, man should learn to prefer good above evil and act with every honest motive. If man fail to develop a strong moral nature then education will become the means to a destructive end.

5. If women are expected to do the same work as men we must teach them the same thing.

We live in an era where the equality of the sexes is becoming evident. Men are beginning to see women as equals, women are now given the same opportunity to advance themselves materially. There should be no discrimination in what a woman should learn, women have waited countless ages for a world where they can express themselves creatively as the male folk. Men and women may not be of the same bodily composition but they have the same standing, both posses a mind and intellect which give them access to live an intelligent life.

6. Bodily exercise when compulsory does no harm to the body but knowledge which is required under compulsion obtains no hold on mind.

This is true of the educational institutions. Knowledge should not be impacted in an environment of fear. Learning should be something of joy because it produce a purposeful life. People should learn when they are ready for it, should they be forced it breeds no refinement. The world is filled with educated but not practical persons, these educated folks wait for systems to do something for him, and when this is not done they rebel. The end purpose of education should be action.

7. The wisest man alive is he that knows nothing.

When we consume knowledge like we consume food we become filled with it. Learning is never to make us full but to keep us humble. In the circular world the more knowledge and degree the more of an authority you become. But in the universe everything is thrown back into the void for a new expression. Hence all the true sages of the world have claimed to know nothing even when they give the rarest wisdom. All pairs of opposite must seek voidance even acquired knowledge must someday be left behind.

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