We uplift ourselves personally_ first through our attitude and next with our level of consciousness or degree of awareness. When the level of awareness is low we act like helpless creatures. The average human being does not care about attitude yet this is a product of mental states. From the age of eighteen everyone must begin to take responsibility of thought, word and action. People that joke with these triad pay the heavy price with difficult experiences.

You have no choice left but to uplift yourself, you start at the most basic level of self exploration and appreciation. Find something valuable about yourself, begin at that point to develop self awareness. Waiting for free gifts, donations, pity, compassion is the attitude of defeat. Nobody can help anyone for long, good graces will sooner or later dry out; then_ is it not better to find the permanent source of betterment within individual consciousness.

Many people wear their problem on their sleeve which they believe someone other than themselves to bring about solution. This is the wrong approach, personal problems should be resolved personally. There is always a start and when we are ready what is needed to improve our condition will begin to manifest. The source of beggarliness is indolence, rambunctious persons who prefer chatter to learning, who make unreasonable demand make terrible burdens.

Each individual has his or her destiny in their own hands and the way to upliftment is through self discovery, self discipline, self initiative and recognizing opportunities, there is no other way. You can decide to wait for luck from the outside and it may never materialize. But when you work on yourself, changing your attitude, building on your strengths, accepting your weaknesses; then you will become a powerful creator of personal reality and not a marionette in anyone’s hands.

Consciousness is the soil and when we neglect any piece of land over the years without cultivation, weeds soon take over. So it is with our consciousness, the more it is left without cultivation, weeds in form of alien influence take hold and we are plunged into the worst frames of mind. From this point we project an attitude of defeat which can be felt by anyone, blocking our upliftment with our own hands. Finally we look around for who to blame because we lack the gutsiness to face ourselves squarely.

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