Be Yourself: Explore The Path Of The Lone Wolf

Everything conspire to take us away from ourselves, we have come to believe that by joining the pack our safety is ensured. We end up having more insecurities than usual because life is seen as a group walk instead of a personal journey. The bait of the pack has always been dangled in forms of security, association, welfare, which are good for the take but never deeply satisfying.

There is strong discouragement to walk alone because of the danger and risk found in the world. It is also perceived that the lone wolf is missing the joy and strength of the pack. It may seem so to the naked eye but the reality is that there are rivalries and conflicts infested in packs, bond of brotherhood are easily betrayed.

Meeting frequently breed troubles of its own. keep rolling with the pack and there are places you will never go, there are thoughts you will never pursue and enemies you must ever hound. Sucked by the pack mentality, your creativity will be controlled with traditions_ being told what and what not to do; faced with the notion of “this is how things are done here!”

Organized packs are as inhibiting as disorganized packs for both contain the same limitation. The lone wolf explores more and develop far greater awareness to handle difficult situations. Packs are being ran by hierarchy and hierarchy breed rebels of those that covert privileges of the dominant and won’t hesitate any moment in stirring up a death match.

I avoid the wolves that roam in packs and I have learned to defend myself from them. They come in numbers to intimidate, show them a little hesitation and they rend you in pieces. They come in raid of space, to take what you have and to destroy every budding of freedom leaving you in shamble.

When a lone wolf sparks a hunt, the standing prey understand such body language and know what to do. When the deer escapes death it carries a chilling message to the herd of a near- miss written in blood, and forever hold the markings of a scar faced buck!

Nothing is superior to the individual, any form that has lost the essence to liberate is dead. Tons of movements, institutions, faith decay because the power to launch people into independence and freedom is lost. The masses are then trapped because creative inborn are suffocated, the free flowing spirit that should be allowed fresh breath is held in the dungeon house of conformity.

It has become a fight against odds to be yourself in the modern world, groups, institutions are threatened by originality for it may spell doom to old traditions. We live in a free world only if this were realized, every creature in nature testifies to this; birds fly wherever and make nest wherever, yet man is held captive by ideas that benefit mostly the pack than himself.

Simpletons with dreams fear it cannot be attained due to the nature of things, those with bright ideas believe such mental throbbing will never see light of day. This is only true because they are still faithful members of the pack. Loners with great conviction find tremendous power within themselves to shape life and the environment if so wished.

All that is evident in the world in form of idea, system, invention, faith was once a child in the loners imagination. When “Ludwig Van Beethoven” started out as a composer the packs in his lifetime believed he was composing rubbish outside their rules, all he had to do was ignore; sooner than they all guessed his works formed the modern essence of classical music.

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